Today we are all publishers!


Many do not realize it, but every "post" we write on social networks, every image that we put on the web, they take part in a kind of "widespread publication" that forms a large part of our culture.

Platforms & intentions


The impromptu speech with two words on facebook, the art book in coated paper, the film that goes in theaters, they all are publications. The difference lies not only in the means used and the cost of the operation, but also, and perhaps above all in the intentions. There are postings made to last and others not to last. And every publication is scheduled to have its spread: our friends, thousands of readers, millions of viewers. On the global computer network, it is possible that the spread goes far beyond the original intentions.

Some publications in and around the group

(Examples, which refer to the "topic pages")

Pequeños Directores, book

Jacqueline Sánchez Carrero 2008

Topic : Cinema & video

Viaggio nella Shoah, web page

Margherita d'Alessandro & Paolo Gallese

Topic : Interactive popularization

Raccontiamola Giusta, video

Anna Bruno & Paolo Beneventi, 2015

Topic . Economy

Unfertige foto, photo exhibition


Topic : Photography


Informatica della mente, book

Giovanni Lariccia


Topic . Computer science

Il Barbiere di Siviglia, book + Audio CD

Fiorella Colombo & Laura di Biase, 2012

Topic : Music


Raccontiamo le Favole

DVD video

Paolo Beneventi 


Topic : Nature & Envinronment

Nuova Guida di Animazione Teatrale


Paolo Beneventi

& David Conati


Topic: Theatre

Spirit Ship, video film

Kristin Brenneman Eno


Topic . Cinema & video

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