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The social network that does not exist

Professionals, ideas, projects, towards a new foundation of cultural work


In the group Terra Insieme take part professionals and other groups who, in addition to documentation and ideas, free and shared, offer fee required works.

The current offer of the market, aimed almost exclusively to individual consumption of "goods" also cultural, leaves many unsatisfied needs in society, especially related to the quality of people's lives. It is not enough to fill some gaps by volunteering - with the risk that it passes the idea of socially useful activities anyway free, improvised, as ancillary services - but it is important, with the communities, schools, public and private institutions, to propose a cultural work of quality and appropriately paid, however re-established on a basis not only commercial, fully exploiting also the immense possibilities offered today by technology and networks.

It begins with a group of people who know each other and share basic ideas and styles of work and provide some of their documents and activities, with a view to build something together and make themselves known even by those who, out of the group, are interested in what they do. Who is joining the group, he signs the manifesto and pledges to respect certain rules of behavior.

To build together in network a media library, workshop, laboratory, global, shared and effective


Authors of texts, images, video, sound, multimedia; adult educators and communicators; children who experience and make discoveries. The network is a virtual meeting place among people and real places, where we can be and act , both locally and globally. Iin the network of Terra Insieme, everyone is in contact with one another and reach, collect, catalog, provide. So other works comes from the collaboration, cooperation, sharing of ideas and projects among the authors and visitors that, if they like, in turn become authors and enrich the library, factory, workshop, laboratory.


This process of great potential can not be left to chance, to the voluntarism of the "discussions" on line, or to social network pages designed and structured for completely different purposes.

Among the active participants in the Terra Insieme, roles and responsibilities are established, so as to design, test and tune up a mechanism that works, giving reference points to all possible interlocutors.

The direction is carried on by the Coordinators and it is transparent, both inside and out.

Even those who do not joins directly to the group, have free access to all published material and can communicate with the group, report their activities and participate in the public moments of confrontation.


Those who join, they are helped to look in the network for individuals and groups to achieve their projects.



Educational modules



Terra Insieme offers activities that follows and leads directly with his professional team, or in collaboration with others: techniques, methods, experiences that can be replicated, or assumed as a starting point for new paths to take, locally and globally.

In addition to the list available on the page "courses and workshops", other possibilities are suggested from records contained in the galleries and in thematic pages and marked with the same symbol.

Objects and subjects of shared work 

The themes of sharing are not only to be read and consulted ad an encyclopedia, but to be enriched and developed in the time, as a building site periodically (and manually) updated, with references accessible and participants who know each other and collaborate. We are gearing up for all to take action, in accordance with common rules.

Quotations and links to people, groups, associations, companies, are not "cut and paste" from the networks, but they refer to actual relationship that Earth Together takes, maintains and makes available.

We are developing a system of cataloging and indexing that make it as easy and productive as possible to navigate between the different "objects and subjects." We are looking for the assistance of experts in information technology that, as we do, feel the need for an efficient and flexible online environment of activities and research. Of the series: we can not live only of Facebook!

Universal Languages and Topics









Objets & Subjectsi

But also...


Environment, Economy, Robots, Philosophy, interactive Divulgation and much more...

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