The Crew

Terra Insieme is a group, whose exact definition as a company is to be determined, depending on how it grows and develops from its initial purposes.

It is in memory of Fausto Filippini, whom we were beginning this story with, and prematurely died. His passion and original idea led us to engage in this project.


In the meanwhile, we are teachers, professionals, free lancers, supported by existing associations and companies such as – the first working with us - Ossigeno TeatrO, Mammeonline, AIPED, Impariamo a Imparare, Media Education Centre and others that are going to add.


Terra Insieme is made of:

A board of directors

The people who manage the job.

Ordinary members

They take part in the activities of Terra Insieme, collection of documents, discussions and projects, meetings, work to be done locally and globally

Sector managers

People from the direction and the members, from different parts of the world, they follow certain sectors of activity, for documentation, contacts and work. They are the references for those sectors, inside and outside Terra Insieme, and can share duties with other members.

Manifesto signers

People, but also associations, public agencies, schools, research institutes, museums and libraries, foundations. Also media and companies can sign, whose activity is compatible with the project, paying a contribution, equal for all.

A well made plot

The basis is a well-made plot, we are working to, in which the shared experiences of everyone (even some image or text, or links to Web pages) can be put in the right relationship among them and retrieved within new activities and projects, grow and develop through the global network, perhaps beyond our imagination.

Terra Insieme: sharing and working together!



A Tool that works

 Collaboration not marketing

Let's tune up it together!

Freedom is participation!

For democratic "digital"

 If we believe in it, it's possible!

We're trying to build a web tool and a social network that work for those operating in the field of education and culture in general, using the power of the Web in a truly collaborative and non-commercial way.

So that the tool is really helpful, beyond fruitless discussions, the simple display of views and experiences, or a catalog of resources, we need the participation and constructive criticism of many: the mechanism is complex and requires an unceasing setup . And also the "rules", as far as possible, are to be done them together!

Here you will not see appear "automatic" ads, based on what you just searched for on Google! We believe in a future of "digital" and the network not invasive, transparent, democratic and shared, as it is technically possible, for the progress of alive and real humans and not just for marketing.

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