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The Look of Children at the World is a project in progress, aimed to collect and put online the video works of schools and groups of children, up to the age of 14, from all over the planet, made mostly by the children themselves , who act, shoot, and edit videos.
It is not just a collection of "films" of children, who in their small way do something similar to the cinema and television that we traditionally know. In our times, in which powerful, easy and economic means make all of us actually producers of information (most often without our knowledge, for example through social networks), an adequate
basic literacy to the audiovisual language of the global information society is more urgent than ever.


Children, not left to themselves and to the market, playing as they can, with the support and assistance of adult educators, not only easily acquire mastery of the media, but also manage to tell about themselves and the world from their point of view as it was not possible before, enriching the audiovisual language with original forms and contents with respect to the adult, professional or amateur ones. From such an exchange of messages across generations, which on the internet can be extended to all nations and cultures, the whole of society can benefit, in which the means have spread globally in a capillary way, but without any education, not preventing or perhaps even causing increasing problems of communication, integration, cohabitation between groups.

 from the point of view of the children! 


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A manifesto to be signed, in Italian, English ,Spanish

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videos by children from which we took the idea 


 Play and Art

Through the Look of Children and beyond... 


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Basic Instruction to take part

There are many international events, festivals, meetings on cinema and video made by children , which have been held for years in different countries but, perhaps due to the difficulty in defining an overall cultural approach, as well as for the fragmentation of experiences, only a little impact on the world of school and on public opinion in general has been so far, where the idea of the youngest citizens is often based on stereotyped narratives that in the end are bad for children.

In this project, operators from different parts of the world, laboratory conductors, supervisors or simple local or regional document collectors, refer to a central nucleus and to teams that we are organizing in the territory, for the editing, publication and web mastering. We are committed to developing, online and during meetings, a permanent collective theoretical elaboration which, not only in the circles of experts, from the sharing of experiences with the children as audiovisual authors can stimulate an overall social recovery, an active, conscious and collaborative use of the means, beyond the waste of an inane consumerism that, in a society called information, can negatively affect the quality of life, participation, democracy and the future same as the planet.

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